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2020-07-27 16:51:34
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Pursuant to the Measures for the Administration of Securities Investor Protection Fund promulgated by the CSRC, the MOF and the PBC, China Securities Investor Protection Fund Corporation Limited (hereinafter SIPF) is to raise, manage and operate the securities investor protection fund; to monitor risks of securities companies and participate in the risk disposal of these companies; to indemnify creditors as required by Chinas relevant policies in case that a securities company is subject to compulsory regulatory measures, including dissolution, closure, bankruptcy, or administrative takeover, trustee operation by CSRC; to organize and participate in the liquidation of the dissolved, closed or bankrupt securities companies; to manage and dispose foreclosed assets and safeguard SIPFs rights and interests; to put forward regulatory and disposal suggestions to CSRC in case a securities companys operation and management may have material risks that may damage the legitimate interests of investors and the safety of the securities market; to work with relevant authorities in establishing a rectification mechanism for the potential risks arising in the course of the operation of securities companies; and to undertake other functions approved by the State Council. In recent years, for the purpose of investor protection, SIPF, led by the CSRC, has successively started to monitor clients transaction settlement funds and securities companies risks, conduct investor protection assessment and investor survey, operate and maintain 12386 Hotline for the CSRC, introduce diverse mechanisms for securities & futures dispute resolution, manage administrative settlement funds and reward the reporting. In October 2018, upon approval by the State Council, investor protection funds could be used for liquidity assistance of securities companies.