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2020-07-27 16:51:19
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With financial risk resolution and investor protection as two core missions, SIPF has gradually explored and established an overall development and management framework, which consists of 1 main line, 3 aspects, 5 systems and 6 platforms: 1 main line means the full strict governance over the Party; 3 aspects include prevention and resolution of financial risks, supporting and facilitating the securities regulation and protection of investors lawful rights and interests; 5 systems refer to the risk monitoring and warning system, the investor compensation system, the investor complaint response system, the investor protection assessment system and the protection fund raising management system; and 6 platforms are put in place, including the Party building and disciplinary inspection platform, the risk prevention and control system, the information release and public opinion management platform, the investor contact and mediation platform, the statistical analysis and big data platform and the information technology platform. Based on such systems and platforms, SIPF has been able to further integrate its data, HR, practice, experience, technology and resource advantages and to play a positive role in preventing and resolving financial risks, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors and supporting the ancillary service supervision.